We have combined the best practices of traditional pollsters with the technology available to large analytics firms that service major industries. co/efficient can provide the solution you need - with fast, affordable and accurate data to aid your decision making.

We know how to help your campaign evaluate any situation and execute on a strategy that is guided by accurate, fast, and affordable research and intelligence to ensure you are always using the right tool for the job. 

“this is a game changer. co/efficient’s video delivery tool guaranteed our ads were seen, in tv quality, on the mobile devices of the voters we needed to target.”

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“co/efficient’s constituent outreach tools help us learn how to serve our constituents better. With their affordable and state of the art solutions, we can understand the needs and opinions of our constituents.” 

communications director, rep. greg steube (fl-17)

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co/efficient’s work extends to almost all 50 states and hundreds of clients across the country.

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