We can be in the field within 24hrs of receiving final approval. Often the same day. Getting your results back as soon as the next day.


Using custom, multi-mode methodology means that we use the best possible data collection tools for YOUR area. 


The combination of speed and efficiency translates to less money out of your campaign budget.

multi-mode perfect fit

We build your survey from the ground up - Multi-mode, multi-channel data collection provides you the quality of traditional pollsters at significantly less cost.

modes of multi-mode

the real secret to the success of co/efficient polling is using the right combination of methods for a particular political geography.

because no two districts are alike, the team at co/efficient studies our population to determine the most accurate AND cost effective ix of methodologies to execute our project.


Text messaging has proven to be the solution to a major problem with polling today - reaching voters who are increasingly younger, suburban/urban, or high-income. While many traditional pollsters are just beginning to experiment with this method, co/efficient has mastered it.

interactive voice response

A legacy of political polling that has not completely lost its value, IVR based interviews still serve a purpose if used correctly to provide accurate and affordable samples.



When a personal touch and the highest response rates are necessary to meet the objective. Co/efficient’s live operators are perfect for the job.

our process

study > design > execute > deliver

Because no two districts are alike, our team studies your population to determine the most accurate AND cost-effective mix of methodologies to execute your project. 

Using the right combination of methods for a particular political geography, this is the real secret to the success of co/efficient‘s polling and why multi-mode works!

our services

pre-recorded and live phone outreach

  • At co/efficient, we will provide your campaign with high quality, reliable live or automated calls. Our experience will tailor your message in a way that moves voters and drives results.

  • Voter ID + Persuasion + GOTV

fully managed sms + mms text messaging

  • Campaigns move fast. You need an agile and reliable partner to manage your data and get your message out quickly. Whether it’s voter ID efforts, persuasion or GOTV, co/efficient will get your message in front of the right voters. 

  • Rapid Response & Social Pressure 

  • Voter ID + Persuasion + GOTV

direct to device ad delivery (d2d)

  • co/efficient pioneered Direct to Device Ad Delivery enabling your high definition video / TV ad to play inside text messaging applications with no links, clickthroughs, or loading.

  • Our ad delivery tool virtually guarantees your ad gets seen by voters in an MMS text directly to your target audience. And with our proprietary compression process, we can compress and deliver up to a 30 second TV ad with high definition audio and video.

  • co/efficient’s ad delivery tool, alongside broadcast, cable, and addressable OTT, will add efficient targeting capabilities to your media buying toolkit.

mobile live streaming events

  • Town Halls, Rallies, and Fundraisers

  • Mobile first, live streamed events that invite voters to participate right from their cell phone

  • Personalized invitations by direct text message

  • No app to download or account to create

  • Easy to set up broadcast, no special equipment needed

  • Professionally moderated interactive polls and Q&A

telephone town hall events

  • Fully managed by professional staff

  • co/efficient will train your team and monitor all events

  • co/efficient will build invite lists and manage all data

data services

  • co/efficient offers data management and analytics services to ensure the tens of thousands of data points you are collecting from surveys, phones, and texts, are available for your immediate use.

  • Turnout Modeling

  • Records Management, Deduplication, Sourcing of Lists

  • Data Segmentation for Calls, Texts Tele-town Halls

  • CMS Management

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