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Data Management

Data Management, Hygiene and Visualization

Data clean up and preparation is a painstaking job.  Unless you are a co/efficient data specialist.  We love spreadsheets a little too much.  Let the co/efficient team take your dirtiest lists and data sets from frustratingly unusable to actionable tools.  Whether it is organizing, filling gaps, reporting or all of the above, we are the geeks for the job. 

  • Data Hygiene: When you may have the right information, but it is not in a format that makes it actionable, we will work with your team to make sure you get the most out of your efforts.

  • Appending Services: The proprietary systems and relationships of co/efficient enables us to fill the gaps in your data sets with the most up to date and accurate contact and household information available.  Phone, email, income, education, employer info and so much more.

  • Reporting and Visualization: Unless you are Neo from The Matrix, staring at a spreadsheet or database doesn’t give you the answers you need.  Let our reporting specialist put a face on your data with intuitive and professional data visualizations.

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