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Polling and Research

Fast, Accurate Polling and Research

Political polling has been given a new lease on life with the fresh approach of the co/efficient team.  Combining the best practices of traditional pollsters with the technology available to large analytics firms that serve major industry, co/efficient can give your campaign or committee fast, accurate data to drive your strategy.  Benchmarks, Brushfires and Tracking.


Voter Research and Polling from co/efficient Sources and Methods:

  • Live Interviews: When a personal touch and the highest response rates are necessary to meet the objective, co/efficient’s live operators are perfect for the job.

  • Mobile Response Interviews: Text messaging has proven to be the answer to a major problem with polling today. Reaching younger voters, suburban and urban voters and other hard to reach groups has become nearly impossible using traditional methods.  At the same time that many traditional pollsters are beginning to experiment with this method, co/efficient has mastered it.

  • Automated Phone Interviews: The workhorse of political polling, IVR based interviews are still a great method of data collection that is accurate and very inexpensive.  When possible, it is a great way to get fast, accurate answers from the population.

  • Multi-Mode Methodology: The real secret to the success of co/efficient polling is using the right combination methods for a particular political geography.  Because no two districts are alike, the team at co/efficient studies your population to determine the most accurate AND cost-effective mix of methodologies to execute your project.

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